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West Berkshire Council's Budget Challenge

Terms of Use

1.  What is Simulator and what this public engagement is about?

Simulator is an online tool that the Council is using in order to engage with people living, working or learning in West Berkshire and to inform our thinking with regard to budget planning.  The tool enables participants to suggest expenditure and income levels in key budget areas in order to achieve a balanced budget whilst reaching a saving target.

2.  Who can use the Simulator?

Any person living, working or learning in West Berkshire who is over 16 years old and has not previously been prohibited from using our systems for a breach of Council policy or applicable laws.

3.  How to use Simulator

The Simulator can be accessed online from the links advertised without the need to register (e.g. without having to create a username and password).

4.  Commitments from you

The Council wishes to encourage genuine engagement with the community in developing its planning.  The Council must adhere to all laws and regulations and respect the rights of all of its citizens in doing so.  The Council therefore requires you to agree to use the Simulator tool responsibility and in particular to agree to the following basic rules:

The Council has the right to disregard information which breaches the above rules.

5.  How the Council will use your information

When you share information using the Simulator tool you understand that the Council has complete discretion as to whether it uses that information in its planning and decision making process and has no obligation to do so.  The Council may aggregate the information provided by different contributors and will be under no obligation to credit any individual.  In particular you agree:


All content submitted by you will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice and anonymised in reporting.

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