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West Berkshire Council's Budget Challenge

What is the challenge?

Welcome to West Berkshire Council’s Budget Challenge and thank you for taking part.

We'd like to set you the challenge of balancing our 2021/22 budget, which means that the amount of money spent should be the same as the amount taken inWe remain focused on frontline services, so that we can keep providing those that are important to you. We're now asking you to do the same and work out how you would divide your budget between core services, such as planning, bins and social care.

Our budget simulator is easy to use. It allows you to increase or decrease spending across council services, and see the consequences of your choices. The challenge uses the council’s latest financial position, and already takes into account savings identified in support services.

Some of our services, such as Social Care, not only have to support vulnerable people, but are statutory obligations, so the budget cannot be reduced by large amounts.

The simulator also allows you to change how much you charge for Council Tax or invest in the district, for example on a solar farm or a weekly food waste collection service.

Once the challenge has closed at midnight on Sunday, 10 January 2021, we will look at where you and other residents chose to spend your budget, and use this to help inform how we set budgets in the future.

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How does it work?

When you’re ready to create your budget click on the ’Create your Budget’ button, then:

Create your Budget